Where to find copies of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine for pick-up in the Ottawa Area


YIG – Hansen’s (Hazeldean) – Draw:100
Senior Residence (Castlefrank) – Draw:25
Western Ottawa Com (MacNeil) – Draw:25
Pharmasave (Castlefrank) – Draw:100
Tommy’s Restaurant (Hearst) – Draw:15
The Empress (McGibbon) – Draw:50
CAA (Hazeldean) – Draw:50
Loblaws (Terry Fox) – Draw:200
Sobeys (March) – Draw:1000
Kilian Residence (Weaver) – Draw:50
Forest Hill residence (Campeau) – Draw:50
Senior Centre (Campeau) – Draw:50
Chartwell Residence (Shirley’s) – Draw:25
Video (Eagleson) – Draw:25
Broadway Restaurant (Stonehaven) – Draw:25
Natural Food Pantry (Hazeldean) – Draw:25
Kanata Public Library (Castlefrank) – Draw:25
Kanata Public Library (Campeau) – Draw:25


Stittsville Villa (Main) – Draw:50
Brown’s YIG (Main) – Draw:400
Sobeys (Hazeldean) – Draw:1000
Pool Creek manor (Main) – Draw:50
St. Elmo’s Fire (Carp) – Draw:25
IDA (Main) – Draw:25
Stittsville Library (Main) – Draw:25

Bells Corners

Thorncliffe Residence (Thorncliffe) – Draw:25
Lynn Wood Place (Eaton) – Draw:75
Senior Centre Support (Old Richmond) – Draw:25
Centennial Library (Old Richmond) – Draw:25
Stillwater Creek Retirement Co. (Robertson) – Draw:75
Alterna Savings (Richmond/Moodie) – Draw:100
Robertson House (Robertson) – Draw:50
Ottawa Wellness Detox Clinic (Larkspur) – Draw:25
Kardish (Richmond) – Draw:25


Extendicare (Baseline) – Draw:50
Crystal View Lodge (Meridian) – Draw:50
Peter D. Clarke Centre (Meridian) – Draw:50
Guardian Drug (Centrepointe) – Draw:100
Nepean Library (Centrepointe) – Draw:50
Redwoods Senior Living (Drapper) – Draw:75
Metro (Greenbank) – Draw:100
Rexall/LCBO (Baseline/Woodroffe) – Draw:25
Algonquin College (Woodroffe Door N) – Draw:25
OC Transpo Algonquin College (Woodroffe) – Draw:25
Sonny’s Restaurant (Baxter) – Draw:25
Ikea – OC Transpo (Pinecrest) – Draw:25
Tim Hortons (Greenbank) – Draw:25
Mother Hubbards (Greenbank) – Draw:25


Walter Baker (Malvern) – Draw:100
Barley Mow Pub (Greenbank) – Draw:25
Sobey’s (Greenbank) – Draw:100
The Court (Longfield) – Draw:50
Longfield Manor (Beatrice) – Draw:50
Metro (Strandherd) – Draw:50
Mountain Goat Yoga Centre (Fallowfield) – Draw:25
Food Basics (Greenbank) – Draw:25
Canadian Tire (Greenbank/Strandherd) – Draw:25
OC Transpo Champman Hill Mall (Strandherd) – Draw:25
OC Transpo Champman Hill Mall (Strandherd) – Draw:25

Merivale/Ottawa West

YIG – McDaniel’s (Grant Carmen) – Draw:100
West Park Condo (Grant Carmen) – Draw:200
Christian Care (Viewmont) – Draw:50
Senior Co-Op (Viewmont) – Draw:50
Bowling (Merivale) – Draw:25
Bingo (Slack) – Draw:100
Asher Place (Viewmont) – Draw:50
Park Place Retiremement Res (Central Park) – Draw:75
Park Place Retiremement Res (Central Park) – Draw:75
Seekers (Merivale) – Draw:25
Kardish (Merivale) – Draw:25
Street Box (Merivale/Meadowlands) – Draw:25
YIG (Meadowlands) – Draw:25
Broadway Restaurant (Prince of Wales/Fischer) – Draw:25
Street Box (Prince of Wales/Fischer) – Draw:25


Rexall (Carling) – Draw:75
Natural Food Pantry (West Gate Mall) – Draw:75
Bagel Shop (Richmond) – Draw:25
Canadian Tire (Carling) – Draw:75
Pharmaplus (Carling) – Draw:100
Giant Tiger (Wellington) – Draw:100
Ottawa Heart Institute (Ruskin) – Draw:75
Metro (Carling) – Draw:100
Herb & Spice (Richmond) – Draw:25
Pharmaplus (Carling) – Draw:100
Nutri Chem Pharmacy (Richmond) – Draw:50
The Halcyon (Richmond) – Draw:50
Alice McGill (McEwan) – Draw:50
City Centre Café (City Centre) – Draw:25
Senior Bldg (Wellington) – Draw:50
Hintonburg Centre (Wellington) – Draw:25
Senior Centre (Bus Stop) (Wellington) – Draw:25
Salvation Army Grace Manor (Wellington) – Draw:50
CAA (Wellington) – Draw:50
Alterna Savings (Tunney’s Pasture) – Draw:50
OC Transpo (Teedwing/Scott) – Draw:50
Senior Travel (Richmond) – Draw:25
Pharmasave (Richmond) – Draw:25
Golden Manor (Richmond) – Draw:50
Dovercourt RE Centre (Dovercourt) – Draw:50
Parkway Towers (Richmond) – Draw:50
Unitarian Church (Cleary) – Draw:25
Kristy’s Restaurant (Richmond) – Draw:100
Park Place (Richmond) – Draw:50
New Orchard Lodge, extendicare (New Orchard) – Draw:25
Parkway Towers (Ambleside) – Draw:50
Alterna Savings (Carling) – Draw:100
Manor (McEwan) – Draw:50
Ambleside Place (Ambleside) – Draw:50
Lincoln Fields Mall 2nd floor (Carling) – Draw:100
Walmart (Richmond) – Draw:100
Early Years Centre Mall (Richmond) – Draw:75
Lake Side Garden (Greenview Parc Brittania) – Draw:150
Ralph and Sons (Carling) – Draw:25
River Park Place (Corkstown) – Draw:50
Sterling Place (Richmond) – Draw:50
Old Forge (Carling) – Draw:50
Central Park Lodge (Carling) – Draw:50
Central Park Lodge (Carling) – Draw:50
Carlingview Manor (Carling) – Draw:50
Jewish Family Services (Carling) – Draw:25
Jewish Family Services (Carling) – Draw:10
The Saville (Lockhart) – Draw:50
The Saville (Lockhart) – Draw:50
The Saville (Neepawa) – Draw:50
Prodouce (Carling) – Draw:100
Rockin Johnny’s (Carling) – Draw:25
Royal Ottawa Hospital () – Draw:75
Civic Hospital – emergency (Carling) – Draw:100
Civic Hospital (Carling) – Draw:100
Duke of Devonshire (Carling) – Draw:50
The Village clinic (Churchill) – Draw:25
Empower Me Yoga (Carling) – Draw:25
Library (Rosemount) – Draw:25
Prana Shanti (Armstrong) – Draw:25
Body Pins (Armstrong) – Draw:25
Royal Oak (Wellington) – Draw:25
The Table Restaurant (Holland/Wellington) – Draw:25
Rexall (Holland) – Draw:25
Jean Talon Bldg (Tunney’s Pasture) – Draw:25
Bagel Shop (Wellington) – Draw:25
Herb & Spice (Wellington) – Draw:25
Sasloves Meats (Wellington) – Draw:25
serendipity Books (Wellington) – Draw:25
Windhouse Yoga (Wellington) – Draw:25
Ottawa Chinese Medical Centre (Richmond) – Draw:25
Touch Kneaded (Danforth) – Draw:25
NAET (Dovercourt) – Draw:25
RA Centre (Dovercourt) – Draw:25
Metta Massage (Richmond) – Draw:25
Mother Earth Natural Health (Richmond) – Draw:25
Alterna Savings (Lincoln Fields Mall) – Draw:25
International Academy of Massage (Forest) – Draw:25
Rainbow Foods (Richmond) – Draw:25
OC Transpo (Bayshore Mall) – Draw:25
OC Transpo (Bayshore Mall) – Draw:25
Produce Mart (Carling) – Draw:25
Carlingwood Mall (Carling) – Draw:25
OC Transpo (Sears/Carling) – Draw:25
Nutrition House (Carlingwood Mall) – Draw:25
Library (Carlingwood) – Draw:25
Kardish (Carling/Westgate) – Draw:25

Ottawa Central

Marina (POW and Preston) – Draw:20
Adult High School (Rochester) – Draw:15
Chu Shing (Somerset) – Draw:25
Scotiabank (Preston) – Draw:25
Caisse Populaire (Somerset) – Draw:25
Chinese Medicine Centre (Somerset) – Draw:25
The Council on Aging (Bruyere) – Draw:25
Foreign Affairs (Sussex) – Draw:75
Desjardins Pharmacy (Dalhousie) – Draw:20
Market Square (William) – Draw:75
Time Square (Clarence) – Draw:30
Metro (Rideau) – Draw:75
Rideau Pharmacy (Rideau) – Draw:50
Rideau Gardens (Rideau) – Draw:75
Lauren Hart National Press Club (Wellington) – Draw:50
CS Co-op (Sparks) – Draw:75
Sandwich Tree (Metcalfe) – Draw:75
Street Box – Corner (Bank/Albert) – Draw:50
Andy Bear (Lisgar) – Draw:25
Maggs/Faggs. (Elgin) – Draw:25
Good Companions of Hope (Albert) – Draw:250
Travelodge Hotel (Queen) – Draw:25
Druxy Deli (Queen/Place de Ville) – Draw:50
YIG – Hartman’s (Bank) – Draw:75
Renaissance Holistic Health (King Edward) – Draw:25
Oriental House (Elgin) – Draw:25
Asia Massage (George) – Draw:25
Crystal Dawn (Dalhousie) – Draw:25
Upward Dog (Dalhousie) – Draw:25
Peace Garden Café (Clarence) – Draw:25
Natural Food Pantry (York/Dalhousie) – Draw:25
Library (Rideau) – Draw:25
Bytowne Cinema (Rideau/Nelson) – Draw:25
Sandy Hill Community Centre (Somerset) – Draw:25
Govindas (Somerset) – Draw:25
Medical Pharmacy Bldg (Marie-Curie) – Draw:25
Ottawa University (Unicentre) – Draw:25
Perfection Satisfaction Promise (Laurier/King Edward) – Draw:25
Library (Metcalfe) – Draw:25
Dr. Lucaclu (Gloucester) – Draw:25
Bronson Centre (Bronson) – Draw:25
Shambhala (Cooper) – Draw:25
Maclaren Centre (James) – Draw:25
RAMA Lotus (Gladstone) – Draw:25
YMCA (Argyle) – Draw:25
Herb & Spice (Bank) – Draw:25
Carleton University (Main Bldg & Residence) – Draw:25
Wheat Berry (Main) – Draw:25
Singing Pebble (Main) – Draw:25
Green Door (Main) – Draw:25
3 Trees (Main) – Draw:25

Ottawa South

Metro (Bank) – Draw:25
Colonel By Retirement Lodge (Aymer) – Draw:50
OC Transpo (Riverside) – Draw:50
Belanger Residence (Belanger) – Draw:50
YIG – Rogers (Alta-Vista) – Draw:75
Multi-Service Centre (Heron) – Draw:25
Peter Bartolgek (Braeside) – Draw:50
Shah’s Pharmacy (Walkley at Albion) – Draw:25
Arena (Walkley) – Draw:75
Motor Vehicle Office (Walkley) – Draw:50
OC Transpo (Bank) – Draw:50
Hunt Club Manor (Hunt Club) – Draw:50
Southway Inn (Bank) – Draw:25
CAA (Hunt Club) – Draw:50
CAA (Bank) – Draw:100
Prodouce (Hunt Club) – Draw:100
Giant Tiger (Bank) – Draw:25
Casino (Albion) – Draw:600
Back on Track Physio (Hunt Club) – Draw:25
Scotiabank (McArthy) – Draw:50
Shoppers Drug Mart (McArthur) – Draw:25
Landmark Court (Darlington) – Draw:50
Kilbourn Market (Kilbourn) – Draw:25
Library (Bank) – Draw:25
Mother Tongue Books (Bank/Sunnyside) – Draw:25
Soul Matters (Bank) – Draw:25
Garden of Lights (Bank) – Draw:25
Mary Forrester (Glen Bank) – Draw:25
Atlantis Beauty (Bank) – Draw:25
Holistic Centre (Riverside) – Draw:25
Seeker Centre (Riverside) – Draw:25
Wellness Acupuncture Clinic (Riverside) – Draw:25
Natural Food Pantry (Bank) – Draw:25
Adlenan Center (Bank) – Draw:25
Library (Alta-Vista) – Draw:25
Rogers IND (Alta-Vista/Bank) – Draw:25
Accent Décor (Heron) – Draw:25
Care Health Products (Heron) – Draw:25
Kardish (Bank/Hunt Club) – Draw:25


Crown Moulding Plus (Manotick Main) – Draw:50
Orchard View (Manotick Stn) – Draw:30
Home Hardware (Manotick Mews) – Draw:50
IDA (John) – Draw:75
Guld Stationers (Main) – Draw:25
Nutri Land (Manotick Mews) – Draw:25


IDA (Beachwood) – Draw:75
Card & Mags (McArthur) – Draw:20
Bingo (Montreal) – Draw:100
Caisse Populaire Trillium (Montreal) – Draw:75
Concord Motel (Montreal) – Draw:20
Pharmacie Vanier (Montreal) – Draw:20
City Centre (Cote) – Draw:50
Canadian Tire (Coventry) – Draw:75
OC Transpo (St. Laurent) – Draw:50
Metro (St. Laurent/Donald) – Draw:50
Mango (St. Laurent) – Draw:25
Heritage (Wilson) – Draw:50
CS Co-op (Montreal) – Draw:50
Manoir Laurier (Montreal) – Draw:50
Travelodge Hotel (Montreal) – Draw:25
Library (Ogilvie) – Draw:25
Welcome Inn (Michael) – Draw:30
Chunhwa Yoga (Montreal) – Draw:25
Chunhwa Yoga (Coventry) – Draw:25
Natures Buzz (Beachwood) – Draw:25
Second Cup (Springfield/Beachwood) – Draw:25
Nature’s Care (Beachwood) – Draw:25
Library (Cote/St. Laurent) – Draw:25
Maison (Donald) – Draw:25
Bingoland (Lola) – Draw:25
Convenience Store (Ogilvie) – Draw:25


Shoppers Drug Mart (Ogilvie) – Draw:50
Beacon Hills Mall (Ogilvie) – Draw:75
Gloucester Arena (Ogilvie) – Draw:90
OC Transpo (Blair) – Draw:50
Nutrition House (Gloucester Mall) – Draw:25

St. Laurent

St. Laurent Fruits and Veg (St. Laurent/Belfast) – Draw:100
Mid-East (St. Laurent/Belfast) – Draw:25
CHEO (Smyth) – Draw:100
The Centre Rehabilitation (Smyth) – Draw:25
General Hospital (Smyth) – Draw:25
General Hospital (Smyth) – Draw:150
Riverside Hospital (Riverside) – Draw:150
Library (St. Laurent) – Draw:75
OC Transpo (St. Laurent) – Draw:75
Loblaws (St. Laurent/Smythe) – Draw:200
Metro (St. Laurent/Belfast) – Draw:100
Loeb (St. Laurent/Walkley) – Draw:25


Personal Place Fitness (Jeanne D’Arc) – Draw:50
YIG – Pierre/Mario (Jeanne D’Arc) – Draw:100
Metro (Jeanne D’Arc) – Draw:50
OC Transpo (Champlain) – Draw:50
Loblaws (Centrum) – Draw:75
Royal Canadian Legion (Taylor Creek) – Draw:25
Canadian Tire (Tenth Line) – Draw:25
Metro (Innes) – Draw:75
Broadways (Portobeleau) – Draw:50
CAA (Tenth Line) – Draw:50
Accent Décor (Place D’Orleans) – Draw:25
Ekinox (Centrum) – Draw:25
Orleans Yoga Shala (Jeanne D’Arc) – Draw:25
Orleans Library (Orleans) – Draw:25
Pantry Plus Foods (St.Joseph) – Draw:25
J.B. Homeopathy Dispensary (St.Joseph) – Draw:25
Nutrition House (Place D’Orleans) – Draw:25
Cumberland Library (10th Line) – Draw:25
Cheddar Et Cetera (Trim Rd./Watters) – Draw:25

Blackburn Hamlet

Blackburn Villa (Cleroux) – Draw:25
Bearbrook Court (Innes) – Draw:25
Shoppers Drug Mart (Innes) – Draw:25
Metro (Innes) – Draw:50
Apple Saddlery (Innes) – Draw:50
Arm-Pub Restaurant (Innes) – Draw:25
Maison (Orient Park) – Draw:25
Blackburn Hamlet Library (Glen Park) – Draw:25


YIG (Laurier) – Draw:75
Senior House (cote ford) – Draw:35
Ramo Shawarma () – Draw:25
RBC Investments (Laurier) – Draw:25


S/S Convenience Store (Queen) – Draw:25


Zellers (Principale) – Draw:50
Galerie D’Aylmer (Aymer) – Draw:50
Dentist Dessureault (Aylmer) – Draw:25
Sol Aliments Naturel (De La Colline) – Draw:25
Cinemas (Galerie D’Aymer) – Draw:25


Defense National (De La Carriere) – Draw:50
Metro (St-Joseph) – Draw:50
Masso Sphere (St-Raymond) – Draw:25
Body Talk (Hotel De Ville) – Draw:25
Boite a Grain (St-Joseph) – Draw:25
Nautilus (St-Joseph) – Draw:25


IGA (Greber) – Draw:100
Metro (Greber) – Draw:100
Rona (St-Rene) – Draw:50
IGA (Mt. Paiment) – Draw:100
Promenade de L’Outaouais (Maloney) – Draw:100
Metro (St-Louis) – Draw:100
Caisse Populaire (Du Carefour) – Draw:50
Guichet Desjardins (Carrefour) – Draw:25
Boite a Grain (De Lappe) – Draw:25
Masso Sphere (St. Rene) – Draw:25
Familiprix Clinic (Mtn. Paiement) – Draw:25
Metro (Mtn. Paiement) – Draw:25
Library L’Essens-Ceil (Jacques Cartier) – Draw:25
Canadian Tire (Maloney) – Draw:25
Gagne Sante (Belhumeur) – Draw:25
unknown (Saint-Antoine) – Draw:25


Foodland (Graig) – Draw:50
IDA Clinic (Graig) – Draw:50


Independent Beverages (Main) – Draw:75


YIG (Notre-Dame) – Draw:75
Metro (Notre-Dame) – Draw:150
Shopping Centre (Notre-Dame) – Draw:25
Co-op (Notre-Dame) – Draw:75
Naturo Sante (Notre-Dame) – Draw:25
Earthly Essentials (Notre-Dame) – Draw:25
Lady Jo’s Fine Foods (Notre-Dame) – Draw:25


Jean Coutu (Principale) – Draw:50
Metro (Principale) – Draw:50


Hawkesbury Info Centre (John) – Draw:25
Bar Black Tunnel (McGill/Regent) – Draw:25
Jean Coutu (Main) – Draw:50
Stephanies Grill/Bar (McGill) – Draw:20
Grenon YIG (Main) – Draw:100
Metro (Hyw 34) – Draw:25
Valu Mart (Hyw 17) – Draw:25
Pharmacie (Old Hyw 17) – Draw:25


Metro (Sanders) – Draw:100
Home Support (Sanders) – Draw:
Nature’s Way (Hyw 43 West) – Draw:25


Valu Mart (Perth) – Draw:25
Richmond Bakery (Perth) – Draw:75

Constance Bay

General Store (Constance Bay) – Draw:15


Meat & Deli (Dunrobin) – Draw:20
Ultramar (Dunrobin) – Draw:15


Supplies Landing (Joseph) – Draw:50
Heritage Manor (Pembroke) – Draw:50
The Pinewood Residence (Pembroke) – Draw:50
A & P Food Store (Pembroke) – Draw:50
Pharmaplus (Pembroke) – Draw:20