As the weather warms up and people get out more, injuries caused by the carelessness of others will be on the rise.

Unfortunately, such injuries including car accidents, trip and falls and slip and falls can have major physical, emotional and financial consequences for those injured and their families.

Here are some tips to maximize the success of your case.

Tip #1: Preserve Key Evidence:

Make sure you preserve the key evidence as soon as possible. This includes taking timely photographs (capturing the hazard), as well as the contact information and written statements of helpful witnesses to support your position.

Ground conditions may change overtime and witnesses’ memories of the incident may fade so timely preservation is key.

Tip #2: Get Treatment:

It is very important that you see your family doctor and any other treatment provider on a regular basis so that there is continuous documentation of your difficulties.

Also remember to be very detailed. It is very important that you tell them about all of your symptoms every single time so that it gets documented.

If you are not active in your treatment, this creates challenges in your legal case as

the insurance company will point to an absence of treatment to justify the fact that you are recovered.

Tip # 3: Do Not Sign Anything Voluntarily:

Anything you sign voluntarily can come back to haunt you later as you may not be in the right

state of mind at the time.

For example, if you fell in a store and provided a signed statement at the store’s request about how the incident occurred in a way that is inaccurate, you may be committed to that story.


After a serious personal injury, one of the most important decisions you will make is the lawyer that you choose.

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