Fly Over the Ottawa River

By Stephen Johnson

There is a new way to cross the Ottawa River this summer. Interzip Rogers is a zipline between Ottawa and Gatineau. It is billed as the first interprovincial zipline ever. I was eager to try the zipline but there was only one problem, I am deathly afraid of heights. I was glad I could live the experience through our son, David.

We started our experience by checking in at the Interzip offices located on the Gatineau side. David was provided with a helmet and gear while I signed all the appropriate forms.

We had some time before David was scheduled for his zipline. We walked around the site and enjoyed the stunning views of the Ottawa river. My wife, Sandy and I also checked out the best vantage points where we could take photos of David.

Soon enough, it was time for David and about twenty other participants to walk over to the Ottawa side for the zipline. I was impressed by the age range of participants. There was everyone from thirteen-year-old David to people who must have been well into their sixties.

The participants crossed the Chaudiere Bridge. From here on, I thought I would let David explain the experience:

After crossing the bridge, we were brought into an outdoor room underneath the tower. Our guide then gave us a comprehensive demonstration on how to properly put on our harnesses and helmets.

We proceeded to climb the stairs in groups of 2 at a time. When I reached the top, I was able to see multiple iconic Ottawa landmarks like Parliament Hill, the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Civilization.

I was then strapped into the zipline with my harness and began speeding over the river. As I soared through the air, I was able to fully appreciate the scenery of Quebec and Ontario simultaneously. This is definitely the most exhilarating way I have ever travelled into another province!

After a graceful landing on the platform, I removed my harness and went to see Mama and Papa.

Sandy and I had the perfect vantage point to take photos and videos of David on his adventure. Once David had completed his zipline we headed to the office to see a video of the experience. Watching the video, I thought it was such a cool and new way to see Ottawa and Gatineau. I know David loved it.

For more information, visit, www.interzip.com