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Estate Insolvency

Your Finance By Erin Kelly, LL.B Challenges when there is more debt than cash What should an estate trustee do if the estate has more debts than assets? Can the estate trustee be liable for the debts of the estate? You’ve recently been named or appointed an estate trustee, and every article you read on administering estates...

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Shifting Gears to Summer

Your Finance By Ludmilla Jarda, J.D What you need to know about cycling safety The varied landscape of Ontario makes it one of the best places for cycling in Canada. From the rocky Canadian shield in the Georgian Bay, to the wine country of Prince Edward County, and the historic Rideau Canal pathway, the province boasts an...

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Guide to Downsizing

Your Finance By Bryan Thaw, LL.B, LL.M Tips for a smooth transition from a lawyer’s perspective So, your family’s relentless pursuit of having you move closer to them has hit its breaking point. I, for one, have been a victim of this crime. After making the decision to move, you also decide that it is time to downsize your...

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