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True Friendship

The Little Things By Jason Marshall Followers. Shares. Likes. Views. Friends. Sadly, people gauge their self-worth and value on these social media buzz words. How many Twitter followers do you have? Instagram shares? How about views on YouTube? Likes on TikTok? Tell me how many Facebook friends you have. Why should it matter...

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With age comes wisdom.

The Little Things By Jason Marshall Each time we add a candle to a birthday cake, it doesn’t make us smarter. It only guarantees light-headedness from trying to blow them all out at once. Life experience comes with age. That translates to knowledge. You almost pass out from blowing out candles this year. So, next year you buy...

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Dear Santa,

The Little Things By Jason Marshall It’s been a while since I’ve taken pen to paper to write you. If memory serves, my last few letters included an ask for a Stretch Armstrong doll, a new pair of skates and a hockey stick. And some Matchbox cars. And I’m pretty sure I’d jotted down how much I’d love a jumbo box of Crayola...

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