Exercising With Meg

Introducing Meg Stickl, founder of AIM Fitness – Activities In Motion. A seniors’ fitness expert, she’ll be presenting a new column in Fifty-Five Plus to help you get—and stay—moving safely.

Concerned about getting enough of the right kind of regular exercise? “Learning to exercise safely is a skill that many people have to relearn as they get older,” Meg Stickl explains.  “Thanks to changes in the body, medical conditions that creep up or years of inactivity, it can be tough to adjust to a new normal.”

The host of Fit Over 50 with Meg on Rogers TV believes it’s never too late to start exercising. As a certified personal trainer and older adults’ fitness specialist, she has worked with hundreds of people in the 50-plus age group, including people in their 90s. “I have seen beginners in their 80s improve their strength and balance when they choose to exercise regularly. It’s inspiring to see how dedicated my clients are,” she says.

You can exercise with Meg on Rogers TV on weekday mornings, Monday to Friday, at 8:30 a.m.

Meg founded AIM Fitness – Activities In Motion in 2013 after a career working in retirement living, while teaching fitness part-time. It was when she was at a seniors’ centre running her the fitness classes that she says she noticed how exercising helps older adults live with more independence, energy and strength. It was her motivation to jump full-time into the fitness industry.

AIM Fitness specializes in fitness for adults aged 50-plus and seniors. “Many older adults don’t like going to a gym but want to stay active and fit and don’t know where to start, especially if their health has changed over the years,” she notes, adding, “People reach out to AIM Fitness because they have osteoporosis, bad knees or hips, joint replacements (or are on the waiting list), heart health concerns, bad backs, and aches and pains. Others are looking for age-appropriate workouts and accountability so they can exercise easily at home and see results.”

AIM Fitness offers in-home personal training for individuals and couples, group fitness classes in apartment buildings, online Zoom classes, and an online membership with access to over 200 exercise videos. Meg says AIM Fitness’s certified personal trainers have an average of 20 years of experience and a passion for working with mature exercisers. “We love helping people who are ready to see some changes in their health and who are excited to put in the effort. It does take hard work and determination to get up off the couch and to choose to exercise instead. For details or a free 15-minute consultation with Meg, see activitiesinmotion.ca or call 613 869-3246.