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Cat Bylaws

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston Is it the right approach? The current trend in an increasing number of municipalities across Canada is to call for cats, as well as dogs, to be licensed. Such licensing bylaws are frequently accompanied by poop-and-scoop, no-roam rules and leash requirements for any cats permitted outside...

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Rufus Introducing a new pet to the household

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston I first noticed him in February when he and my cat started hanging out together. I didn’t know then that the little red-and-white tabby was homeless, though it was clear that he was scared of human contact. However slowly I approached him, he ran away, a flash of red fur as he disappeared into the...

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Respect; You get what you give

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston As soon as Marnie, my Irish Setter, and I returned home after finishing a few errands, she raised her head and sniffed the air. Then she ran around, barking as she checked every room, looking for the stranger that she sensed/scented had been there while we were out. I knew from her reaction that...

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