How to Feel Younger As You Get Older


Getting older is a fact of life, and nearly all of us will experience the roller coaster of aging. While many people take getting older in their stride and embrace the bodily and life changes, others try to ignore the inevitable. None of us can escape the natural aging process, but you don’t have to feel as old as your biological age. Here are a few helpful ways to feel younger as you get older.

Try Something New in the Bedroom

Aging is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), and many men find themselves experiencing it more frequently than they did in their youth. By purchasing Cialis online, you might reduce the risk of ED and allow yourself to try something new in the bedroom to spice up your relationship.

As years-long marriages and sexual relationships can stagnate over time, treat the special someone in your life to something you’ve both never done before. You might be surprised at how youthful you feel when exploring the many different intimacy options.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise can keep your body decades younger, with studies showing that those in their 70s who exercised regularly for several years had muscles, lungs, and hearts in equivalent shape to people in their 40s. While you might not want to visit the gym every day for an intense cardio workout or strength training, there can be value in setting aside 30 to 45 minutes per day for exercise in the form of a walk, a bike ride, swimming, or an exercise class. If you struggle to get motivated to exercise, consider turning it into a social occasion and exercising with a friend or family member.


Life can get stressful, and stress can affect your mental and physical health. While you might already have coping tools like going for a walk or venting to a loved one, meditation is another option you might try to reduce your stress levels. Sit with your own bodily sensations for just a few minutes a day and let feelings of peace and calm wash over you. You’re often happier when you’re less stressed, and feeling more content might make you live longer.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

It’s easy to become caught up in the daily grind of life and spend more time carrying out necessary life activities compared to those that bring you joy. Don’t forget to do things that make you happy and bring value to your life. Socialize with friends, go on vacations, and spend time on your hobbies. You might be surprised at how alive and revitalized you can feel.

Feel Younger

You might not need a magic activity to make you feel younger as you age. You might simply need to feel more youthful in your own mind and body. Studies have shown that people who felt younger than their chronological age had better cognitive function, a lower risk of hospitalization, and less inflammation. They might also live longer than their peers who felt older than their chronological age. While further research is needed to determine the best interventions, counteracting negative age stereotypes and promoting positive views on aging might prevent health loss in older adults.

Aging is not easy for everyone, and it’s only natural to feel like you have to act a certain way as each birthday passes. However, you might be surprised how youthful you can feel when you take the time to do any of the activities above.