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Transforming Your Home for Health and Wellness

Lifescape By Janet Armstrong, Accredited Interior Designer, CAPS Certified Without forsaking style or functionality Our homes are our sanctuaries (now more than ever!) and are synonymous with security, comfort, support, and belonging to our community of family and friends. We are living longer than previous generations and...

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Camouflage Your Design Challenges

Lifescape By Janet Armstrong, Certified Interior Designer, CAPS Paint is the ultimate magician We know that paint is one of the easiest and most economical ways to update and refresh your spaces. But paint is also an easy and effective way to address design challenges you may have in your spaces. Darker and/or warmer colours...

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Furniture Layouts for Function and Form

Lifescape By Janet Armstrong, Certified Interior Designer, CAPS Creating the right ambience When you are planning updates to your living room, the first considerations are typically paint, decor accessories, draperies, flooring, and perhaps new furnishings. One of the considerations we often forget, but is important, is the...

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